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Fell Swoop: PDF

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Fell Swoop: PDF


Fell Swoop is a queer sci fi sweet romance. (Rated 14~16+)

Naran is less than thrilled when he realizes his latest mission has lead him to Builder ruins; even less when he and his team realize they are not alone. Naran's quick thinking eases the confrontation and the stranger, Atavah, is added to their mission party as the guide.

After an attack on the mission party, Naran and Atavah find themselves separated from the others, stranded together. They agree to work with each other to get out of the ruins, and as their masks fall away, they find themselves drawn to each other...

NOTE: This is for the PDF!

This PDF contains 168 pages of story and 19 pages of bonus content, including a short story. It contains everything the book does.

If you would like to check out the Kickstarter campaign that brought this book to print, you can do so here:

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Fell Swoop PDF

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